Measurement Sampler Adapter Settings

Below are the 3 settings for configuring the Measurement Sampler Adapter. These do not reflect the connection string parameters required for all Action Adapters. These include framesPerSecond, leadTime, lagTime, inputMeasurementKeys, and outputMeasurements.

Key Value Default Description
rawMeasurementsPathName string   The directory where the serialized measurement samples should be saved.
rawMeasurementsFileNamePrefix string 'RawMeasurements' The prefix used for the measurement sample file
useUtcInFileName bool true A boolean flag which determines whether the timestamp in the measurement sample file name should be in UTC time.

Example Connection String for Measurement Sampler Adapter

framesPerSecond=30;leadTime=1;lagTime=1;inputMeasurementKeys={FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SignalID IS NOT NULL};useUtcInFileName=true;rawMeasurementsFileNamePrefix=Sample  ;rawMeasurementsPathName=C:/Users/kevi324/Desktop/Sample Measurement Folder;


The SQL-like syntax for the inputMeasurementKeys parameter can be used to choose whichever subset of the measurements is desired. Although, in most troubleshooting scenarios it is easier or even desirable to have the entire measurement set. Therefore, the entire measurement set should be sent. The outputMeasurements parameter can be left null because there are no output measurements for the Measurement Sampler Adapter.

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