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LSE Object Reference Error


We are receiving the following error in the openPDC system console: "[LSE] Object reference not set an instance of an object.". [LSE] is the name of the linear estimator action adapter created.

Do you have any further direction regarding what this error could be caused by?

Some thoughts:
  • Input vs. output mapping?
  • Also, it is acceptable to have a node that does not have any voltage measurement (all "Undefined") associated with it, correct? Such as the line end node for a breaker and a half bus configuration (where there's a North Bus, South Bus, and Line Node).
  • We use the measurement "ID", not the "Point Tag" for the input/outpuMeasurementKeys, correct? Such as PPA:777.
Thank you.


kevinjones wrote Sep 25, 2013 at 10:24 PM

My first guess would be that something in your network model has failed to instantiate correctly. There are ways to validate the model offline. I will post something for this soon. You'll need the MeasurementSampler adapter installed and working to be able to test and validate offline as well.

It's probably not caused by I / O mapping.

It is just fine to have a node with no measurements as long as the objects are still defined ( all four phasors) for the voltage. The LSEwill assign values when able but will ignore otherwise. It will not corrupt your solution.

Yes, use the measurement ID not the Point Tag