How to Add the Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter to openPDC

The Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter is a simple adapter used to compute the signal-to-noise ratio of the phasor components (magnitude & angle) under the assumption that they are DC signals. The phasor magnitude can easily be assumed as a DC signal under quasi-steady-state conditions. However, the phasor angle must be unwrapped and referenced to be DC. Also, the angle values must be normalized in order to generate an equal decibel level for two different angle measurements with the same noise level. Once the DC signal assumption is valid, the SNR can be computed for each phasor component over a defined window of the signal by taking the arithmetic mean of the window and dividing by the standard deviation of the same window. This can be useful for monitoring signal quality and detecting slow failures of instrument transformers and other equipment.
  1. Add the binaries (SynchrophasorAnalytics.dll) to the working directory of the openPDC. This may typically be found under C:\Program Files\openPDC.
  2. Run the openPDC Manager application.
  3. Navigate to Adapters \ Manage Custom Actions and click the Clear button to clear the fields in the Manager UI. If you do not clear the fields, you will be overwriting the settings of an existing adapter.
  4. Make sure the directory where you saved the binary file to is selected. The openPDC working directory should be the default.
  5. Select the Signal-to-Noise Calculator from the drop-down selection. (The Adapter should appear in the list if it was saved in the correct directory)
  6. Create a Virtual Device with Virtual Measurements to send the calculated values to, see Modeling Virtual Devices
  7. Generate the *.xml configuration file for the SNR Calculator Adapter, see Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter Configuration File
  8. Add the appropriate settings for the Connection String, see Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter Settings.
  9. Click Save and Initialize.

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