Linear State Estimator Adapter Connection String Settings

Below are the 5 settings for configuring the Linear State Estimator Adapter. These do not reflect the connection string parameters required of all Action Adapters. These include framesPerSecond, leadTime, lagTime, inputMeasurementKeys, and outputMeasurements.

Key Value Default Description
phaseConfiguration string   Determines whether to use the system as a full three phase network or a positive sequence approximation.
configurationPathName string 'Network.xml' The path name (including the file name) to the configuration file for the network model and measurements.
snapshotPathName string   The path name to the directory where the linear state estimator should serialize the system snapshots.
snapshotFileNamePrefix string 'SE Snapshot '

The prefix used for the filename of the snapshot file.

useUtcInFileNameTimestamp bool true A boolean flag which determines wehter the timestamp in the snapshot file name should be in UTC time.

 Example Connection String for Linear State Estimator Adapter:

framesPerSecond=30;leadTime=1;lagTime=1;inputMeasurementKeys={FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SignalID IS NOT NULL};outputMeasurements={SE_RESULT:1;SE_RESULT:2;SE_RESULT:5;SE_RESULT:12} 
;phaseConfiguration=PositiveSequence;useUtcInFileNameTimestamp=true;snapshotFileNamePrefix=SE Snapshot ;snapshotPathName=C:/Users/kevi324/Desktop/Snapshot Folder;configurationPathName=C:/Users/kevi324/Desktop/NetworkModel.xml;


Notes on inputMeasurementKeys and outputMeasurements:

The Linear State Estimator is intelligent enough to figure out which input measurements it needs. Therefore, for simplicity in modeling, it is best to specify the entire measurement set for the inputMeasurementKeys parameter in the adapter connection string. This is accomplished with the SQL-like syntax seen above. This tells the openPDC to allow all of the measurements defined in the database to be sent to the Linear State Estimator. The LSE will then choose a subset of those measurements to actually have reported to it based on the definitions in the network model.

The LSE is also able to intelligently map its output measurements to the IDs defined in the outputMeasurements connection string parameter. Although, the output measurements must be defined independently for optimum performance. However, the order of the measurements in the connection string does not matter.



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