Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter Connection String Settings

Below are the 4 settings for configuring the Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculator Adapter. These do not reflect the connection string parameters required of all Action Adapters. These include framesPerSecond, leadTime, lagTime, inputMeasurementKeys, and outputMeasurements.

Key Value Default Description
configurationPathName string 'SnrCalculatorConfiguration.xml' The path name (including the file name) to the configuration file for the SNR Calculator Adapter.
snapshotPathName string   The path name to the directory where the SNR Calculator Adapter should serialize the moving window snapshots.
snapshotFileNamePrefix string 'Snr_Snapshot_ '

The prefix used for the filename of the snapshot file.

useUtcInFileNameTimestamp bool true A boolean flag which determines wehter the timestamp in the snapshot file name should be in UTC time.

 Example Connection String for Linear State Estimator Adapter:

FramesPerSecond=30; LagTime=1; LeadTime=1; inputMeasurementKeys=FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SourceNodeID IS NOT NULL; SnapshotPathName=D:\Program Files\openPDC\Network Applications\Signal to Noise Ratio Calculator\Snapshots; ConfigurationPathName=D:\Program Files\openPDC\Network Applications\Signal to Noise Ratio Calculator\Configuration\SnrCalculatorConfiguration.xml; outputMeasurements={SNR_OUTPUT:2387;SNR_OUTPUT:2388}




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